We need more consciousness. AI is not the problem. We are.

by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF, leadership and mindfulness coach.


Enjoy your holiday by connecting to what is, not based on data!

Is humanity destroying itself by becoming just data to be fed to algorithms?

If there is no data, it doesn’t exist.

Sharing some thoughts to think about when you go on holiday before returning to the system. 

Don’t worry in case you might feel uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone, mostly your holiday is part of the system too.

The busy therapy, the system.

This is the time that many international organisations are publishing the results of their efforts.
The period of worldwide diarrhea of reports.

The question remains: ” Where is this all leading us as humanity?”

Burundi would be a forest when you count all the trees that are planted in reports and on social media. Reality is different though.

But it is getting worse. We made ourselves not more than data too.
And if there is no data, it doesn’t exist…

Mental health, an open mind and connectedness.

How much time do people ‘in the field’ spend effectively in the field?
How many visitors really bond with local people in the field (not in offices) and other parts of the whole?

‘In the field’ means for many years ‘the local office’. Visitors are restricted in their movements because of data.
But. Isn’t an office is still an office and a field is still a field? There must be some data somewhere confirming this.

And how much time do people spend in the ‘real’ field? How much time they spend on analysis, preparation, reporting and evaluation and on ineffective, useless meetings?

Are so called specialists connected to the field or are they connected to the system? Where is the balance? What are the consequences?

What is their mental health as a consequence of all this?

What is their bond with what they really should be busy with? I mean the reality and not what papers papers are telling you?

Lack of harmony. Egoism.

In life everything is interconnected, nothing exist by itself.

All organisations have their own focus and their own programs. Nothing is ever cross-border or cross-organisation coordinated or harmonised. As everything is interconnected and balance is needed, what is the use of this disconnected and lack of harmonised way of working?

On paper everything is fine. In the field? In reality?

How can you expect harmony, balance and well-being for all with these approaches?

The whole.

In life everything is always part of a whole.

When you prioritise parts without taking care of, or harmonising with, all the rest, there can’t be sustainability.

When you invest millions in #development, if it is not sustainable, you create more bad than good.

Certainly in the heads of unconscious people. They get used to receiving without any reflection and lack of proactive action towards sustainability. Their focus will be on what you give them: money, income. With all consequences for their mindset and attitude.

Generalist v specialist

Blind people always need specialists. The system knows this. So algorithms will decide who is fit to do a job. People learn not to take responsibility anymore because the system is doing ‘it’ or telling you what to do. In the field I have too many examples of that. It is just paralysing and sickening.

What do you expect to come out of so-called specialists without a generalist approach?

When you analyse how organisations recruit, you understand that their results will be results on paper.

People and facts are considered as just data. ‘The whole of reality’ doesn’t count, it is all about fractional data. 

Nobody cares anymore about reality. As long as the system accepts the data everything is fine.

And we all keep accepting this? The unconscious bosses leading those systems have no interest in changing or adapting their systems to changing realities. They are manipulating reality.
“The proletariat” who were factory workers in the past are now, preferably, university graduates.
Did the system really change?
As long as people think that they did something important that fits the system it is fine, no? As long as they adapt to the system. Why is there so much conflict in the world while we consider ourselves civilised?

Data isn’t reality. It is a very small fraction of it. And we get further away from reality each day. We live on screens!

That says it all. No?

Humans becoming blind.

Do you need market analysis, field studies for what you can see with your own eyes?

Most consultants that are ‘imported’ here to Burundi never lived here. They are not connected. They are connected to the data systems. They check and compare to what they know through reports and they compare. I am not blaming them. I am showing the absurdity of the system and the dangerous consequences.
You really think you can connect coming to a society for two or three weeks every year or even for a month? How long does it take you to connect to a person and to really know a person? If you have the illusion that you can really know a person.
What do you do when you are here? How many days are you in the field? How many days you are really connected to the field? Are you connected to the people? Or are you a bureaucrat who is busy with generating an income but you don’t really care? Maybe you gave up because you can’t change the system? Of course that is your right. I am not judging you. But your attitude has consequences for the well-being of all. Whether you decide to do something or not.

And when you are here, what do you do? You are send by people and organisations that send you with a mission. That mission on what is it based? On reality or on other reports of other people in offices living in residential areas for away from local society.

Yes. You don’t start from what ‘is’, but from what you think that is. 

From what is explained or told to you from people in positions or with references that were there before you. With experience and with knowledge. But what experience and what knowledge? Seriously.
And this go on and on.
So what is even the use of coming here if you are already preconditioned and the system doesn’t allow change?

One thing is sure. Systems are blind for reality. And if the people cannot even see for themselves any more they will feed the system with whatever to get paid.

What is fed to the system become then references.

Because also: if there is no data, it doesn’t exist.

We live in the office reality!

But what about the reality in the field? The reality in the field is not the fractional data about the field! It is not the impressions we have.

Life, existence, is about the whole.
Life is beyond thinking and intelligence!
Thinking, feeling, experience, smell, taste…

Who lives in the field and not in the office or residential area?

Imagine all these reports full of numbers and texts. Further and further away from reality. Isn’t that becoming a little bit ridiculous?

Humanity and nature are being destroyed step by step by outdated, disconnected systems and views.

We are ruled by systems instead of us ruling the systems.


Because we live in offices, in separation, disconnected, glued to our screens.

Disconnected from reality, from other people, from nature, from all other beings.

We made ourselves data, we are becoming more and more data.

No wonder there is a danger that AI will take us over.

We are focused on programs and results. They lead us where exactly?

How much are we focused on well-being instead of for example money or income? Yes there is another way!

As long as we don’t change our mindset to the well-being of all beings, we are on the wrong path.

Humanity and all beings need an all-inclusive renaissance of consciousness and compassion for the well-being of all.

Enjoy your holiday!

Don’t forget to connect to what really ‘is’ not to what you think that is, based on ‘your’ (?) data.

#unconsciousness #leadership #sustainability #innovation

From the Hills in Bujumbura, Burundi.
Stephan. Love, enjoy life!

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