“We are deliberate communicators, valuing honesty and taking thoughtful actions to achieve shared goals for the benefit of everyone. By cultivating positive thoughts, expressing ourselves effectively, and behaving with integrity, we create an environment where goodness naturally manifests itself.”


international consultant,
Manager, Lawyer, Mediator, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Keynote speaker


La médiation


Born Belgium 25.02.1966



Law: Vrije Universiteit Brussel 1988 (3x Cum Laude)
Business Law: Universiteit Antwerpen


IAI. Brussel 2013
UCT. Cape Town 2015


Case Western University
International Project Management Institute

Learning management systems – developer

Places lived

Sint-Truiden (1989-2015) | Brussels (2011-2014)
Spain (-2015)
Swaziland (2003-)
South-Africa (2015-2016)
Rwanda (2015-2016)
Burundi (2016-)



Transformational manager
Sales manager MERCEDES-BENZ Sin-Truiden
Finance manager

N.V. Smets-Usé


  • Doukhopelnikoff .com (1988-2015)
    Youngest winner of our international pleading competition after 3 months at the Bar.
Winner, international pleading contest at the age of 22.
  • LegalScan (2005- 2023 now Online Law Firm
Pioneer ICTLawyer. Online contracts 2005
  • ICTLAWYER .com (2005 – 2015)

International business lawyer (2002)

  • registration of companies worldwide
  • assistance international investments projects

Facilitator, International negotiator

  • Globalinternetconsult Ltd (2003-2005)
  • financing
  • lobbying


We hold two international certificates in mediation from Brussels and Cape Town.
We mediate in commercial relationships and conflicts in general.
Our strength is our consciousness and understanding of diversity without judgement.

IAI. EMPTJ. European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice.


We hold 3 international coaching certificates.

As a trainer-coach we created more than 20 courses concerning entrepreneurship- and life skills.
In 2021 we coached for SPARK 40 coaches in Burundi on general, entrepreneurship, leadership and workplace skills.

Trainer, teacher, mentor

In 2019 we instructed 6 lawyers of the Bar of Gitega and Bujumbura in Mediation.


International consultant in ICT and entrepreneurship.

We are technically competent in ICT since 2000.

In 2022 we started with the creation of an online educational platform together with Spark in Burundi.

Keynote speaker

  • Bujumbura. Opening of the BAR of Bujumbura on mediation.
  • Bujumbura, Digital Entrepreneurship Summit, 2018-2019, The legal aspects of doing business on the internet, digital entrepreneurship and the future of AI.
  • Washington, International Congres in Peace in Africa and the Middle East, 2017
Washington 2017. Mediation and peace in Africa and Burundi
  • Bujumbura, Business and Leadership Summit 2017
  • Keynote speaker on Business, Entrepreneurship and Ethics.
  • Miami, Foundation Congress of the TheOnlineBar, 2011, The virtual law firm and Trust in a digital environment.