Why your LegalCOACH is your best lawyer?#LegalCOACH

A lawyer should be a legal coach to a company providing guidance and advice to help the company navigate complex legal issues and to be proactive.

Your legalCOACH is your guide and partner.

A Legal is someone who understands and masters the combination of law, legal issues and coaching.

The law can be a blocking factor to achieve goals for entrepreneurs and leaders. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Rules are made for fools to obey and as a guidance for wise man.

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To proactively handle and assist you through complex legal problems.

Most people consult a lawyer when it is too late. When they are already in trouble or in conflict. Your LegalCOACH can assist you in avoiding or solving your conflict. A lot of lawyers, because of their mindset to always want to be ‘right’, add to conflict or create more problems than they solve! Which is of course not in your interest.

To understand and protect your interests

A lot of clients and lawyers don’t understand the difference between ‘positions’ and ‘interests’.
Understanding your own interest is the most important start of everything you will undertake in Life. Because of its importance we wrote an article to guide our clients through this challenge: “How to know your real interests?”

To identify potential risks and to provide strategies.

A legal coach can identify potential legal risks and provide strategies to mitigate those risks.

This skill is related to being proactive.

Everything changes constantly: society, regulations, even people in ‘power’…
In general ‘legal people’ are static and not really flexible because of the nature of what they practice: law.
This state of the law is contrasting with the reality of life.
The goal of the law is stability, while by its nature, law generates mostly more instability.

To understand legal obligations and in some cases how to avoid them.

They can also help the company understand their legal obligations and ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
When unreasonable regulations are a threat to enterprises that contribute to the wellbeing of all, these regulations are unconscious.
In those cases for the survival of the conscious laws need to be avoided.
A wise LegalCOACH is also a leader and protects his clients from the unconscious.

To develop and implement policies.

A legal coach can also help the company develop and implement effective policies and procedures to manage legal risks, such as data privacy, employment law, and intellectual property protection.

To train employees.

We can provide ongoing training and education to employees to ensure that they understand their legal obligations and how to avoid legal issues.

To assist leadership

In addition, a LegalCOACH can serve as a trusted advisor to the company’s leadership team, providing strategic legal advice and helping them make informed decisions that take into account legal considerations. They can also represent the company in legal disputes, negotiating settlements or representing the company in court if necessary.

To save costs

Employing a full-time in-house but independent lawyer can be less expensive than hiring outside legal counsel on a case-by-case basis. Especially for companies with ongoing legal needs.

To benefit from personal assistance

Familiarity with the company is something that can not be underestimated. A LegalCOACH can develop a deep understanding of the company’s business and culture, which can help them provide more effective legal advice and representation.

To benefit from easy access to legal assistance

Having a LegalCOACH means that legal advice is readily available when needed, without the need to schedule appointments or wait for outside counsel to become available.

To benefit from a confidentiality

A LegalCOACH can be bound by the same ethical and professional obligations as outside counsel, including the duty of confidentiality. This can be important for companies that need to protect sensitive information. These obligations can be integrated in the contract with the client.

To build trust and relationships

A LegalCOACH can build strong relationships with other departments within the company, which can lead to better communication and collaboration on legal issues.

Depending on the overall skills of your LegalCOACH, s.he can be your representative in many relationships as a facilitator. To know more about the skills of a facilitator you can read our other article on the 9 disciplines of a facilitator.

To manage risks

A LegalCOACH can help the company identify and manage legal risks, which can help prevent costly legal disputes and regulatory violations.

Overall, having a #LegalCOACH lawyer can be a valuable asset for a company, providing cost savings, accessibility, familiarity with the company, and other benefits.

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