LMFI, previously MFI and IMFI, is created to meet the needs of entrepreneurs that need quality legal advice.
In 2005, as international lawyers, we started with LegalScan to meet the legal needs of internet entrepreneurs.

As ICTlawyer.com (2005-2015) we were invited in Miami (2011) as a keynote speaker at the foundation of TheOnlineBar with over 3000 members worldwide.

Since 2003 we assistant entrepreneurs worldwide as facilitators and negotiators to facilitate the creation of businesses and investments in Africa.

In 2013 we decided to prepare to leave the Bar in Belgium and started with following courses as mediators.
We started in Brussels at an international level and then we moved to South-Africa.

In 2017 we published our first book in english on mediation and in 2022 in french.

In 2022 we were interviewed by mediator VIKRAM as an authority in mediation.