Embracing 8 Years at Home in the Heart of Africa, Burundi. #BujaHills

Visiting Burundi 8 years ago, I had no idea then where the universe was guiding me ❤️

Some people claim to know a foreign place simply because they’ve visited it, like Rome. For instance, when you visit spending three days and later ten days, you cannot truly connect with the people or the essence of the place. This serves as an example. Even after visiting Rome around 30 times, I still feel like I don’t truly know her, but I do know that I love her.😉

Beware of so called specialist that are not connected to the people!

There are individuals who call themselves “specialists” due to their repeated short visits to places like Burundi, sent by Western society’s systems. They study books and reports written by others who have done the same before them.
That’s what they consider knowledge, but it lacks connection and connectedness.

Knowledge is only a small and limited part of the whole.

Contributing to
the holistic renaissance of humanity

There is a universal rule that applies to knowledge: “You never know.”

People often have so much fear, and they feel uncomfortable if they don’t know. So they strive to acquire more and more knowledge, forgetting to connect, forgetting consciousness, forgetting to love.

Many “intelligent people” think they know… The danger of intellect lies in the belief that you know. Prioritising ratio more important than connecting through the heart.

So embracing the unknown with an open mind and heart is crucial.

In this picture taken 8 years ago, I crossed the border from Rwanda to Burundi. That moment we lived in Kigali for 6 months. It was just after the tumultuous period in Burundi of 2015…

On that day, I bought bananas on the bus. I paid the seller, thinking I bought a few bananas and he gave me the whole bunch. People laughed at my surprise and I shared the bananas with everyone. We all laughed together, enjoying the moment. I asked if they had beautiful songs and they started to sing.

As we descended from the hills to Bujumbura, I felt a connection when I saw Lake Tanganyika and Congo on the other side. However, I couldn’t have known then that it would become my home, one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in.

Understand that we have the power to create a home wherever we choose to create our home.
Home is where the heart is.

Upon deeper reflection or even no thinking at all, you realise that countries don’t truly exist. They are merely lines placed on maps, created by humans. Even the concept of God is a creation of the human mind, serving as either as a guidance, an escape or a source of fear. Some people consider their God and religion superior to others, displaying typical human narrow-mindedness and unconsciousness.
There is only one God, one Universe.

Religions were originally created or utilised to establish order in society. However, everything depends on the minds of the individuals who create and use these tools. If the mind is filled with bad intentions, it will lead to harm.

Conversely, if the mind is good, it will contribute to the well-being of all.

Unfortunately, most minds are narrow, which leads to closed hearts and blocks the flow of positive energy. However, both the mind and heart are flexible, and that’s the good part.

In reality, there are no countries, no borders. There is only what is and the interconnectedness of everything that exists. Elephants don’t think in their minds, “Now I am crossing the border between Burundi and Tanzania.” All conflicts stem from human perceptions.

So when a beautiful place like Burundi faces numerous challenges, it becomes evident where those challenges originate. The same principle applies to the challenges faced by the world.

Only when the human mind sees clearly with an open heart can real solutions arise, leading to well-being and true happiness. When the mind is confused and the heart is closed, we witness the suffering prevalent in many places around the world.

We are guided by too many soulless systems and unconscious leaders.

The mind has the power to create beauty for the greater good or to destroy and cause more suffering.

It’s a simple switch in the mind, shifting from unconsciousness to consciousness.

Let’s focus on making that switch.

Love from the heart of Africa,




Stephan Doukhopelnikoff

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