Clients and partners

Services we delivered:

-Empowering youth Business Service Providers through capacity building.
-Delivering training programs focusing on life, workplace and entrepreneurial skills.
-Orchestrating diverse events, including networking sessions and thematic entrepreneurship events.
-Mediating between various stakeholders within the youth and women entrepreneurial ecosystem, spanning governmental bodies, financial institutions, educational entities, and corporations.
-Development of an e-learning platform tailored to the local context in connection with the workplace.
-Crafting of a business plan for startup and scale-ups, attuned to the regional market.
-Providing digital coaching services.
-Advocating for innovation in sectors like agriculture, environment, tourism, and renewable energy.
-Strategising the establishment of localised HUBS and co-working spaces.
-Conducting comprehensive SWOT and PEST(L) analyses for the Burundi Innovation HUB for youth and women.

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