10 sectors to focus on innovation in developing countries.

Our experience in Africa taught us 10 sectors to focus on innovation in developing countries such as #Burundi.

Innovation can refer to any new or improved
– method,
– process,
– product,
– service,
that addresses the challenges and needs of the local population.

1. Mobile technology innovation.

In many countries in Central Africa, mobile phones are becoming a popular way for people, also in rural areas to access financial services, healthcare, educational resources and other essential needs. For instance, the use of mobile money platforms and mobile banking services has become commonplace in countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

2. Innovation through in sustainable agricultural practices.

Agriculture is the backbone of many Central African economies, and innovative farming practices such as precision agriculture, use of organic fertilisers, and water conservation techniques, can help farmers increase their productivity and incomes while reducing their carbon footprint. Seed varieties, irrigation systems, and pest control methods that can improve crop yields and food security.

3. Innovation through renewable energy.

Many developing countries in Central Africa are heavily dependent on fossil fuels which are expensive and contribute to air pollution. Therefore, innovation in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and hydropower is crucial for expanding access to electricity and promoting sustainable development. Even to remote communities.

4. Healthcare innovations.

Healthcare in Central Africa is plagued by a shortage of skilled personnel, underfunded facilities, and limited access to drugs and medical supplies. Innovation in this context, includes the use of telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth) technologies, and community health worker programs to improve access to healthcare services. Water sanitation and hygiene innovations to reduce water-borne diseases.

5. Education technology innovation.

Access to quality education is a major challenge in many developing countries in Central Africa. Therefore, the use of education technology (edtech) tools such as e-learning platforms, gamification and augmented reality can help to improve the quality and accessibility of education for women, children and youth. 

To make education more accessible and affordable, and provide training and professional development opportunities for teachers.

In Burundi Doutti created with Bidigital.one the first online e-learning portal with online courses to develop the skills of students for the workplace: www.PrepAKAZI-ULT.com

6. Social entrepreneurship innovations.

Entrepreneurship opportunities and access to credit.

7. Transportation innovations.

Improve mobility and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation systems, to enhance access to markets, healthcare, and education.

8. Environmental innovations.

Address issues like deforestation, pollution, and climate change, through sustainable practices and technologies.

9. Financial innovations.

Promote inclusive and affordable finance, such as microfinance, mobile banking, and blockchain technology, to improve access to credit and financial services for underserved communities.

10.Urbanisation and architecture innovations.

Also in Burundi the population in urban areas is increasing with all consequences. There is clearly a need for innovative approaches in urbanisation and construction. The way houses are built is a reflection of a copy-paste mentality that doesn’t contribute to any innovation or adaptability to the local environment.

There is no integration or connection to the beautiful environment. Locals don’t recognise or integrate local assets.

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