Great Lakes Region


Our main strength for our clients is that
we focus on
simplifying what is complex and
bringing clarity to what is confusing,
to get to results.
Life taught us, as leaders, to be simple and clear.
We like to be challenged by the unknown and what others consider impossible.


Our services

Legal Mediation Facilitation
Design Internet eLearning Portals

As international professional consultants we do everything to meet the highest standards in our services.

  • Legal, Mediation and Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Design, internet, eLearning-platform, apps

Our approach to your challenges as our client is ‘holistic‘!
In every assignment of a client we consider
all aspects of the organisation and the business.
We focus on added value for our clients!

We assist personally individual entrepreneurs, companies, NGO’s, organisations and governments to improve their productivity to achieve their goals.

We are here to support you:
to achieve results
to solve problems
to learn with you how to improve each day.

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to consciousness, peace, an entrepreneurial climate and culture to catalyse economic development.

We contribute to the well-being and happiness.

Our mission

We believe that continuous learning is the only guarantee for quality and to make the difference. We bring change and we lead change.
As leaders we show the way to change and progress.
We are pioneers and visionnaires in technology, internet, energy.
We stay ahead. We stay original.

Our strength

Our strength is
our love & compassion for people
our open mind
our clarity in speech and action.
our discipline and willingness to learn and improve each day!

Our leader

Doutti is created by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF and leader of the DOUTTI-Group.

Lawyer – Mediator – Coach – ICT – Entrepreneur

Our location

Our offices are located in the center of Bujumbura where we created a co-working space.



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